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Take a look around! The idea is for me to show you what I can do, and I think the paintings are the best way to do that. You won't find a lot of chatter, and you'll need to email me for info like availability, prices, etc.

How I Paint:

 First of all, everything in color here is in pastel. I use a variety of pastel brands on either Wallis or La Carte sanded papers. I mix colors by hatching them over each other or next to each other, never by smearing them with my fingers. I use complementary colors to make the elements vibrate or to gray them down, and I work dark to light. Feel free to email me if you have questions.


The Old Masters whose works continue to captivate me are Vermeer, for his light; Monet, for his colors; Degas, for his figures; Sargent, for his ability to create something solid with a few perfect slashes of paint; and Cezanne, for his movement and composition.

















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